About Susan Purney Mark

Susan Purney Mark Since taking my first class over 30 years ago, quilting and textiles have been a very important part of my life. My studies have included intensive design courses in England, the United States and Canada, as well as quilting techniques, history, dyeing and surface design workshops.<br />I am passionate about quilting and the myriad ways we can interpret our ideas and images using a wide range of fibres. Presently I am using photographs in my work as well as imagery and text on fabric. I use and teach surface design processes especially dyeing, painting discharging and screen printing. <br />I am the author of four quilting books, dozens of quilt patterns and magazine articles and partner in a quilt design business. I teach and lecture all over North America and am also a quilt judge and quilt appraiser.<br />My work is owned by collectors in Canada and the United States.

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Website: www.susanpm.com

Artwork by Susan Purney Mark

Exhibition Artwork by Susan Purney Mark

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