About Marie Kajdasz

Marie Kajdasz My journey in stitching began as a child when my grandmother taught me to sew. Studies in interior design, and a degree in visual arts, led to a keen interest in art history, architecture and childrens literature. This influences the design of my images, which are both real and imagined.
Contemporary materials and techniques have enhanced my creativity, and allowed me to develop my personal approach in creating my fibre art.
I have exhibited my quilts in galleries in solo, invitational, and juried exhibitions, including the Ontario Juried Quilt Show, the Grand National, and the Canada Uncovered exhibit at the Museum of the American Quilters Society.
Awards include the Amy Hallman Synder Purchase Award, and Best Small Quilt at the Ontario Juried Quilt Show. My work has been seen in numerous publications since 1993.
Having retired from teaching elementary school I now share my knowledge by lecturing and teaching fibre art workshops.

email: Marie Kajdasz
Website: www.mariekajdasz.com

Artwork by Marie Kajdasz

Night Windows

Dreams 1-to dream with doves not crows

Klee's Patch

Knavel Retreat


The Crooked Half-Mile


Exhibition Artwork by Marie Kajdasz

On the Wind


On the Wind Travelling Exhibit


Icons Of the Sea

Icons Of the Sea

Shrines In The Woods


Mummer Ghost
Edging Forward

Colors of Les Iles
Edging Forward

Fire Sky

Cuppa Days
Canadian Expressions