About Cindi Plant

Cindi Plant Cindi Plant grew up in Saskatchewan. As a teenager, she aspired to be a fashion designer, drawing ensembles daily and sewing her own creations. In time, though, she decided to study Interior Design at the University of Manitoba. Design school was stimulating and rewarding, but the key thing to emerge was a passion for teaching. Seeing a myriad of design solutions to the same design problem was a pivotal experience. All that creativity! After working in the private design sector for while, Cindi began fulltime teaching in an Interior Design Technology program. This marked the beginning of a three decade long career in the field of design education. These days, retired from fulltime teaching, Cindi"s "encore" career is pursuing textile art, batik painting and dyeing fabric, bringing her full circle in the merging of textiles, art and sewing.

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Artwork by Cindi Plant

You Can't Fence Me In

Urban Rain


Woven Sunset



Half Square Triangles Red

Textile Watercolor


Light Touching Light


Exhibition Artwork by Cindi Plant