About Rosalind Sims

I currently live in southern Manitoba. My lifetime of art and crafts has enriched my art expressions in fibre. Living and visiting across our great vast country has really broadened my horizons as well.

I love to use vibrant colours and I work with a combination of ancient and very modern techniques. I am heavily influenced by nature, textures, colour and cultures. The creation of non-woven fabric from raw wool and other fibres or using woven fibre and then expanding those universes with limitless textile potentials and artist mediums is a magical process for me.

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Artwork by Rosalind Sims

The Land of the Midnight Sun

Tundra Sunset

Grandma's Garden

Good Morning Rooster

Hot Springs

Forever Changing

Bloomin Red

Fresh As a Daisy

Exhibition Artwork by Rosalind Sims

Highwind Calm
Botanical Reflections

Highwind Calm

Indian Summer Reverie
Botanical Reflections

Indian Summer Reverie