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Susan J  Jensen Creativity has always been in my life thanks to my Dad. He wanted each of us to realize our own creative path and the joy it would bring into our lives. "All work and no play was not good for the soul," he would say. He instilled the love of nature and to appreciate the beauty around us and I shall always be truly grateful for that.

I have been a teacher, quilt maker, and pattern designer for over 10 years, with my patterns being sold across North America and Internationally, but the love of creating fibre art is my true passion.

As I spend time out in this glorious province it's exciting to really look at nature, the sunshine and the shadows, the textures and the colours are just some of what inspires my designs. I want my fibre art to give the viewer the feeling that they are actually there, that they could walk right into the piece and touch the trees or open the garden gate or get their feet wet down by the water .

My hope is to inspire my students to look at nature with a whole new perspective, and, using what they learn in the classes I offer, create their own masterpieces.

My love affair with fabric started when I young. My grandmother taught me how to sew on her old Singer foot pedal sewing machine, making rag dolls and Barbie clothes. Years later with the help of summer sewing jobs, I obtained a degree in Fine Arts, majoring in ceramic sculpture. Twenty years later, with the passing of my grandmother, I found expression through making a memory quilt to honour her and what she had taught me. One thing lead to another and I found my way back to fabric and a new creative medium, art quilts. The move from creating ceramic tile wall pieces to fabric art quilts seemed like a natural transition: both are piecing together of parts to make a whole.

Most of what I have learned about art quilting has been self-taught. My main techniques are piecing, fused appliqué, thread sketching/painting and fabric painting. I also like to take fabric to a 3-dimensional realm in making fabric vessels. I often use photos I have taken in my travels through life, incorporate drawings I have done or just let my imagination run and play. I always remain open to learn new techniques and use whatever works in order for the piece to say what I want it to say. More often then not, my work incorporates a mixture of all of the above.

My motivation comes from a need and love to create things. My inspiration comes from mother nature, human nature and the world around me. I try to express a symbolic narrative of the effect these have on my inner being and reflect it to other to see and hopefully feel something of what I felt.

My work has been shown in local galleries in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area, published in art quilt magazines and has been shown and won awards in national juried competitions.

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Website: www.quiltedescapes.net
Blog: www.quiltedescapes.blogspot.com

Artwork by Susan J Jensen

Loon Lake


Sea Breeze

To the Water



Exhibition Artwork by Susan J Jensen

Fall's First Frost
Botanical Reflections

Fall's First Frost