About Romy Tittel

Romy Tittel I have been an artist since I was a child and I never doubted that my future was to make it my life. Having exposed myself to a wide range of artistic platforms, I have never been able to focus in on one type of art media. This has led my artistic muse into mixed media/sculptural work, the use of fabrics, beads, feathers, threads all thrill me.

It has been through this journey of art that I have pulled together fragments of experience, both artistic and spiritual that has coalesced into my current pieces. These works capture the Native dancers with their gorgeous bead work and dancing movements, their beautiful faces, energy and strength.

I am also very interested in the geometric designs in crop circles that can be incorporated into the bead work. The cosmic connection to Indian motifs also resonates with me. There is also this strong spiritual component to all of this. I really appreciate it when an art piece reflects so many facets back to me. The energy that the bold colours impart speaks to something more being there. Maybe its those other dimensions hinting at their existence in our current space.

These pieces led directly to the sculptural beaded birds. Instead of the actual feathers, I imagined the beads replacing them and with the clever use of a simple sewing pin, I was able to make these feathers dimensional.

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Artwork by Romy Tittel

Bird #1

Brid #2

Bird #3

Bird #4

Harvey Moon

Summer Cloud Walker

Prairie Thunder


Exhibition Artwork by Romy Tittel