About Mary Wilton

Mary  Wilton My work is influenced by my deep and abiding love of nature. To create, I need to look closely and immerse myself in both the big picture and the details. My spirituality is a part of my art and has been influenced by my involvement in the music of Carolyn McDade calling for love and protection of the earth.

Another strong influence in my art is the concept of hope. I am an avid gardener and witness first hand the cycle of life. My garden has provided me with flowers to draw and paint, and leaves to use in creating sun prints. More importantly, it has been an ongoing example of the emergence of life and the promise of hope and fruition. I believe that hope is at the core of the human experience and my art is my expression of the power of hope, compassion and spirit.

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Artwork by Mary Wilton

Great Waters


Iris Study

Prairie View

Time of New Birth

Walk Slowly


Exhibition Artwork by Mary Wilton

Meditation on a Daylily
Botanical Reflections

Meditation on a Daylily

WINTER DEER: Visitors at Dawn

WINTER DEER: Visitors at Dawn

Wind Play - Wind Power
On the Wind Travelling Exhibit

Wind Play - Wind Power