About Valerie Wilson

Valerie Wilson is a fibre artist with a passion for using fabric to create pictures. Looking closely at her art, you will see the layers of small pieces of fabric blended together with stitching to create the appearance of a painting. Her love of fabric, and her attention to detail, is evident in her finely crafted pieces. In her recent solo exhibit Past and Present, she combined both portraits, and nature, to create an exciting and diverse show.

Although she enjoys creating art inspired by nature, her current focus is a series of portraits based on people from antique, black and white photographs. Valerie combines a love of history, and a curiosity about people from the past, to capture character in fabric. Who were these people and what would they tell us, if they could?

Always seeking knowledge, and wanting to develop her expertise further, Valerie has trained with fibre artists from around the world. And with a love for being involved in any organization of which she is a part, Valerie became the Fibre Art Network (FAN) Membership Co-ordinator in 2004, when she joined this co-operative of professional Western Canadian fibre artists.

Valerie is an internationally known, award winning fibre artist, who loves passing on her knowledge in her fibre art classes. Valerie's award-winning work has been exhibited from British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland in Canada, and internationally in New Zealand and Houston, TX.

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Artwork by Valerie Wilson


Detail - Rupert and his Brother

Rupert and his Brother Waiting for Gladys

French Wonder

Detail - French Wonder


Exhibition Artwork by Valerie Wilson

Fifties Flare 1

Fifties Flare 1

Maple Keys
Botanical Reflections

Maple Keys

Reaching the Target
From Away

Reaching the Target

The Turtle Constellation
Canadian Content

Rock Hard

The Ladies
Edging Forward

Blowing in the Wind

Coastal Elegance