About Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson I've been sewing since I was six years old and have never tired of the process. My journey included a 4-H Clothing club as I was growing up, then to a Home Economics degree with a major in Clothing and Textiles before teaching as a career.

The year before I retired I made a point of sewing every day. When you're tired and time is limited, the Mile a Minute technique suited the bill perfectly. By May I had enough fabric for several quilts, but most importantly, daily work with fibre was part of my rhythm.

I've had a lot of fun experimenting with techniques in the world of art quilting and am slowly finding ones that best help me to express myself. I love creating texture; especially through raw edge collage, thread work or using unusual fabrics.

During my daily [West Coast rainforest] walks I'm continually intrigued by the lines, shapes, colours and designs that I encounter along the way. Weeding in our garden gives me a close up perspective of the beauty and details of the plants and more inspiration. Travel has always influenced my life and our home contains many textile treasures. Photography helps me return to these images and shows me patterns in how I see the world around me. These are all shaped by my Scandinavian background and growing up on a Prairie farm.

I can't imagine a life without fibre in all its forms surrounding me and tempting me to new creations.

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Artwork by Karen Johnson

Near the Nikomekl

Four Patch and Beyond

Alberta Poplars

Poplar Leaves #3

Earth's Beauty

Manitoba Poplars


Woven Medley


Still Life Bouquet

Colima Croton


Green Moon of Darkover

Layered Circles


Exhibition Artwork by Karen Johnson

Colours to Live By 2

Colours to Live By 2

Poplar Leaves #2
Botanical Reflections

Poplar Leaves #2



POEM ON THE POEM ON THE STAIRS: Remembering Our Stories

POEM ON THE POEM ON THE STAIRS: Remembering Our Stories

Queen of Fibre Diamonds

Queen of Fibre Diamonds

Seeking Wisdom (On the Wind)
On the Wind Travelling Exhibit

Seeking Wisdom (On the Wind)