About Marcy Horswill

Marcy Horswill For the last twenty years I have created unique art quilts. Some are landscapes, some are not, but all are related to nature in some respect. Having grown up with horses most of my life, I spent many wonderful hours quietly exploring forests and meadows on horseback, and always returned full of inspiration. Even just a short walk along the nature trails near my home will plant seeds for new design ideas.

My experience first hand with nature has led to my interest in environmental issues, especially how nature interacts and adapts to humans in the ecosystem. During my education, I took a course on Philosophy of the Environment. This really opened my eyes to what is happening in the world and I became overwhelmed with the difficulty of humans sharing and maintaining a healthy environment for themselves and all earths creatures. Bringing public awareness of our environment through art will always be a goal of mine.

Creativity is also a strong interest of mine, particularly the creative process. I believe everyone has the potential for creativity, artistically and/or intellectually. It takes a lot of hard work and self-discipline to reach ones creative potential. I love to share my story and hear other peoples stories about creativity and how its role in our lives is being fulfilled.

Why do I pursue creativity? When I turn to my studio, it is to escape the fast-paced and stressful world I live in. Time slows down when I walk through the studio door; in fact, time becomes irrelevant. As I familiarize myself with my space and collections, my life takes on a quiet rhythm. My senses become acutely aware of colour, texture and the quiet. Sketches go down on paper, needles go through fabric and layers form one on top of another. My heart beats to my own rhythm and a new idea is born.

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Artwork by Marcy Horswill

Hope No. 2


Rose Hip Study No. 4

Rose Hip Study No. 6

Peeking Out

Reaching Out


Exhibition Artwork by Marcy Horswill

Pine Beetle Blues

Pine Beetle Blues

ELEGY: Woodsmoke & Whiskey

ELEGY: Woodsmoke & Whiskey

Wild Rose Hip
Canadian Content

Merlot 2009