Artwork by Alison Dean Cowitz

Mountain Blaze - Playing With Fire

Mountain Blaze - Playing With Fire

27.5" x 19" ©2013

This art quilt represents my evolution of incorporating my own dyed fabrics into my designs as well as with commercial fabrics.

This quilt was inspired by an article and picture about forest fires that was published in the Calgary Herald in the summer of 2012. I cut the picture out and pasted it into my sketchbook and wrote about why I liked the photo. "Contrast! I love the contrast between the orange and black in a linear way - also the contrast between the horizontal and vertical trees on fire." I also wrote about how I could create it in both commercial and hand dyed fabrics. I learned how to dye fabric that summer with Anna Hergert in her Art Quilt campus at Emma Lake. I was inspired by my dyed fabric creations and made this quilt inspired by that photo the following summer when Northern Alberta experienced destructive forest fires and made this quilt.

Second place award Canadian Quilt Association NJS 2015

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